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OPC 53-grade Sagar Cement Price Online. Check & Get Best Quality Cement of PPC & OPC 53-Grades of all Well-Known Cement Brands in India & Get Free Delivery in Hyderabad.


OPC 53-grade Sagar Cement is a high-strength and durable cement variant known for its excellent compressive strength, making it suitable for construction projects that require robust and resilient structures. It conforms to Indian standards and is widely used in the construction industry for its superior performance and reliability. For more information please vist : mer-for-higher-strength-concrete-14352


Sagar OPC – 53Grade ,  sagar opc ppc cement in Hyderabad  



  • The cement is made from high-quality clinker, gypsum, and other additives.
  • The clinker used in the production is finely ground to achieve the desired strength.


  • OPC 53-grade cement is known for its high compressive strength, making it suitable for various construction applications where strength is crucial.
  • It conforms to the IS 269:2015 standard, ensuring quality and reliability.


  • Suitable for the construction of structures that require high strength, such as high-rise buildings, bridges, and industrial structures.
  • Ideal for projects where early strength gain is essential.


  • Excellent compressive strength, ensuring the durability and stability of structures.
  • Quick setting properties make it suitable for projects with tight timelines.
  • Conforms to quality standards, providing assurance of consistent performance.

Usage Guidelines:

  • Follow standard construction practices and guidelines for mixing, placing, and curing.
  • Use the cement within its shelf life to ensure optimal performance.


  • Available in various packaging options, such as bags or bulk, to suit different project requirements.


  • Sagar Cements Limited is a reputable manufacturer known for producing high-quality cement products.

Please note that specific details may vary, and it’s always advisable to refer to the product’s technical data sheet or contact the manufacturer for precise information about OPC 53-grade Sagar Cement.


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