The Reasons Why Language Labs Are Important in Schools and Colleges!
The Reasons Why Language Labs Are Important in Schools and Colleges!
The Reasons Why Language Labs Are Important in Schools and Colleges!
The Reasons Why Language Labs Are Important in Schools and Colleges!
The Reasons Why Language Labs Are Important in Schools and Colleges!
The Reasons Why Language Labs Are Important in Schools and Colleges!
The Reasons Why Language Labs Are Important in Schools and Colleges!
The Reasons Why Language Labs Are Important in Schools and Colleges!
The Reasons Why Language Labs Are Important in Schools and Colleges!
The Reasons Why Language Labs Are Important in Schools and Colleges!
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English is one of the most people speak more frequently on all sides of the world. The majority of people are aware of the English language & it is an ESL – (it is a second language).

In India, schoolteachers teach English as a second language at various ages. Because English is a universal communication tool, it is taught and used all over the world.

Unfortunately, the majority of schools and educational institutions these days put a greater focus on getting good marks than on helping students improve their skills in the English language. This may have an impact on students’ ability to gain new skills, understanding, and creative thinking.

To address these issues, several schools have implemented language labs. According to AICTE guidelines, every educational institution, including diploma programs in engineering, BTech, agricultural universities, MBA, BBA, and other professional education schools, is required to have an English Language Laboratory.

Our Digital Teacher English Language Laboratory meets this need by being cost-effective and easy to set up. Its user-friendly interface ensures that any student can efficiently use the program to improve their English language skills.

However, lots of people still inquire! What exactly is a language lab? We discussed this in depth below to help you understand.

What is a Language Lab or Laboratory?

Moreover, Language labs provide a more comfortable and convenient solution to traditional educational environments by offering a flexible, stress-free learning environment for School students /English language learners. while studying at college or university, these laboratories give students a chance to improve their skills in the English language.

Language is a lab is a dedicated place allotted to learn the language.
What is a English Lab

Purpose of the Language Labs in Schools?

Students can strengthen their (LSRW), soft, and life skills in English by using English language lab software in schools. English Language Labs help students get a fundamental knowledge of the English language while also expanding their understanding of other languages.

Surprisingly, there are a lot of benefits when using language laboratories in schools to improve students’ language learning abilities. Shown below are a few of them:

  1. Learning a new language improves students’ brainpower.
  2. Improves student’s interaction and mobility skills.
  3. Helps students practice speaking, listening, reading, writing, phonetics, vocabulary, and soft skills.
  4. Exposes learners to cutting-edge technologies and activities.
  5. improves the discipline and decision-making of students.
  6. Enhances Students’ Ability to Solve Problems! and Critical Thinking as well!
  7. expands the communication networks of the students.
  8. encourages students’ creativity using new mediums of communication.
  9. Developing fluency in a second language enhances the possibility for students to form bonds and friendships.
  10. Features a feature-rich software structure for fast English language learning.

Not only the above points but keep reading: 👉 Benefits of English Language Software 👈 for more details! Okay, now take a closer look!

Top Features of Language Lab: How Useful for Students and Teachers:

The primary function of the language laboratory software is described below. such as audio-video recording, grammar checking, level (basic A1 to advanced C2), daily activities, monitoring (not recommended) and a lot more…

a) Level Based Learning:

In the school language lab, where teachers may assign assignments to assist students improve their knowledge and fluency in the English language, students can do level-based activities! In addition, keeping open to the requirements of the students can help to increase their interest in language study!

For example: as seen in the screenshot below! A teacher is helping a school student in the language laboratory:

Digital Language Lab Software in Schools
English language lab is the software which enhances the skills of a student, teaches English
English language lab software screen

b) Interactive Audio & Video:

The finest teaching strategies for schoolchildren involve those that are graphically rich. Children can rapidly and easily grasp using this method of teaching. The design of language lab software is based on this idea!

To see how it works, feel free to view a full “language lab software demo” below or visit our website: 👇

English Language Lab Software Demo Full Video | Digital Teacher

c) Unlimited Access:

Students may learn for as long as they like, with no time restriction! plus there are amazing features like (Bookmark & History).

  • History: Students can view when they last participated in activities! and it will assist them in becoming better in particular! level.
  • Bookmark: Students will find this function helpful for saving! the amount of activity. Simply plug it in and begin!

d) Recording Their Own: Voice and Replay

Another really important feature is that students can speak using a microphone and headphones to record and replay their voices with no limitations! This gives students the chance to improve their skills in public speaking and boost their self-confidence.

e) Phonetics, Vocabulary, Soft Skills & Life Skills

Moreover, phonetics, vocabulary, soft skills, and life skills are all key elements of learning a language in language laboratories and one enhances the other’s quality. These elements help students grasp the English language quickly and easily. Let’s look more closely now!

  • Phonetics: Human Beings speaking sounds are studied in the discipline of phonetics in communications. To ensure proper pronunciation, the English Language Lab helps students improve their lip and tongue movements, intonation, stress, MTI, and voice modulation.
Digital language lab practical activity on vowel sounds phonetic chart and their audio examples
Vowel Sounds Phonetic Chart
  • Vocabulary: Reading is a powerful tool for vocabulary expansion, These new words become more pronounced and easier to remember when used in writing and speech, thus training with them is a useful skill.
English Language Lab practical activity with Level B2 English Speaking Skills
Speaking Vocabulary
  • Soft Skills & Life Skills:
English Language Lab Types of soft skills with examples
Types Of Soft Skills
  1. Soft Skills: Soft skills are essential for job interviews and English communication. Students who participate in the Digital Teacher English Language Lab receive training on how to use these soft skills effectively, which guarantees clear communication and language success.
  2. Life Skills: Communication, motivation, teamwork, time management, work ethic, and adaptability are just a few of the interpersonal qualities that make English soft skills a priceless asset in any career.
Life skills: Developing Positive Vision | Digital Teacher English Language Lab
Life Skills: Developing a Positive Vision

I hope reading this essay is enjoyable for you. Please contact me by commenting if you have any further queries on the importance of language labs in schools.

Student in English Language Lab
Best English Language Lab Software in India

Additionally, you may learn more about “English Language Lab” 👈Here’s a quick overview! Thank you!


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