• May 25, 2023 11:21 am
  • Himayat Nagar

Heat Resistant Paint for Terrace

In Summer  Everyone Looks For Natural Cooling Method To beat  summer. In market So many Heat reflective paints Are available to control heat naturally by reflecting the sunrays By Applying Cool paint on roof or terrace Your Building Do not absorb the heat ,Almost we can control Temparature from 15 Degress to 18 Degress by using recommend Quality cool paints ,There are so many cool paints available to Control the heat ,Types are

1. Surya CEM Cool powder This is Economical Cooling product, we can control the heat in summer  ,if rains 2 to 3 times it removes from surface ,it control the Temperature Approximately 8 degrees

2. Berger Cool & seal coat ,This is one of the best product from Berger ,This gives life up to 3 years and it controls Temparature 13. Degress Approximately

3. EXCEL Cool coat is the One of the Best and Recommended Cool paint for Roof and terrace ,It Control the Temperature around 15 – 18 Degress Approximately and This gives life more than 5 Years

4. Dr. Fixit New coat Cool is especially manufactured for Cooling purpose ,it can easily maintain Temparature 18 Degress and life gives more than 5 years

5. Lumin X is also one of the best recommended cool painting  product and giving satisfied results in cooling and life of the Lumin X is more than 5 years and This is one of the best and Trusted product in Market


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