Food Processing Plants
  • June 1, 2023 7:19 am
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Food Processing Plants Extrusion technique is a process in food processing technology which combines several unit operations including mixing, cooking, kneading, shearing, shaping and forming. It is a process by which a set of mixed ingredients are fed into the extruder barrel and the screw(s) then convey the food along it and then cut to a specified shape or size by blades Food Processing Plants.

We are one of the leading manufacturer a wide range of Food Processing Plants. We supply various food processing plants such as

  • Fruit juice / pulp processing plant
  • Fruits and Vegetables dehydration plant
  • Tomato Sauce / Ketchup / Paste processing plant
  • Cashew processing plant
  • Chilly / Masala powder processing plant
  • Turmeric Powder processing plant
  • Honey processing plant
  • Ground Nut processing plant
  • Moringa leaves powder processing plant

We have successfully installed many prestigious projects across the globe. We provide plant and machinery of various capacity models as per the client’s requirement.


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