• May 25, 2023 11:41 am
  • LB Nagar

The DR PH WATER Water Ionizer is The Definition of State-of-the-Art!

Get the best of the best water ionizers with the 7-Plate DR PH  Water Ionizer! With the most advanced features and technology, the  DR PH  water ionizer will provide you with years of the highest quality performance. TheDR PH WATER has has been redesigned with Hydrogen Infusion Technology.  It’s and is an upgrade of the DR PH  water ionizer.

After a number of years in the making, the DR PH  water ionizer is the premium water ionizer model available in which features the latest technology, such as the AutoAdjust Optimizer and SmartSwitch. The DR PH  water ionizers are designed to be absolutely the most functional water ionizers. Through a proprietary method of converting AC power to DC the machine becomes a powerhouse for production of H2-antioxidants.



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LB Nagar

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