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Deccan Clap is right choice to get professional service in Your  budget, We provide service with fully trained and Experienced House painters and waterproofing Experts only,  offering House painting & wall painting services in very professional manner, offering interior painting services, Exterior painting  services, Apartment painting services,  Building painting services, wall texture services, Professional Royale play designers, wallpaper services, wood polish services, wood painting services, Roof cool painting services, waterproofing services, Exterior waterproofing services, Damp proof services, raincoat services, waterproof painting services, Bathroom waterproofing services, Terrace waterproofing services, Epoxy Tile grouting services, Bathroom Tile grouting services, melamine polish services, PU polish services, Deco painting services, Art painting services by highly skilled and Experienced manpower.

Deccan clap is right way to get professional service in Your budget, offering services by highly skilled and We assign a dedicated supervisor to take complete responsibility of site, we are sure and our team experts  deliver projects on time. Wall painting means its not only paint on wall, there should inspect the wall before painting in repainting process,  there are different qualities of paints  are using in market,  before we selecting the paint we should check which paint applied on wall, according that only  supervisor should suggest the paint, because if we apply for low quality paints on existed high quality paints, paint not stick on wall for long times, applied paint removes in few days by forming as layers,  so its very important to choose right paints at the time of painting survey of your house, To suggest right paints and to find existed find, surveyor or supervisor should have a good experience in painting but some service providers arrange sales persons to give quotation and inspections, they dont have any painting experience so they do mistake in painting selection and misguide customers so further arguments arise , to prevent this type of problems Deccan clap arrange highly experienced surveyors / site supervisors for inspections and to give quotations.

Why choose US:


1.Discuss before booking with our Experienced experts 24/7

2.Customized and Final quotations  On call 24/7

3.Dedicated supervisors

4.Trained and Experienced manpower

5.Full furniture masking

6. Post cleanup service

7. Furniture Damage insurance

8. Innovative colour consulting

9.On time completion

Our Services:

1. Painting 

2. Waterproofing

3. Wood polish

4.Wood & Metal painting



 Painting :

Interior painting

Exterior painting

Rental painting

Residential painting

Commercial painting

Industrial painting

Stencil painting

Floor/ Tile painting

Roof Cool painting

Wood painting

Metal painting

Art painting

Spray painting

Waterproof painting

Enamel painting

Waterproofing :

1. Interior waterproofing

2. Exterior waterproofing

3. Epoxy tile grouting

4. Crack filling

5. PU sealent filling

6. Bathroom waterproofing

7. Terrace waterproofing

8. Pressure Grouting 

9. Brush bond Coating

10. Damproofing

11. Joint tape /Sealent

12. Grouting & Anchors

13.Roof Garden

14. Water tanks

Wood polish :

1. Sheenlac Wood polish

2. PU polish

3. Melamine polish

 4. Veneer polish

5. Teak wood polish

6. Rubber wood polish

7. Balasa wood polish

8. New wood polish


Wood & Metal painting: 

1. MDF Deco painting

2. Veneer Deco painting

3.Iron pipes  Deco painting

4. PU Pallete painting

Textures / Royale play :

1. Metallic textures

2. Non metallic textures

3. Interior Textures

4. Exterior Textures

5. Stucco marbles

6. Brick textures

7. Smooth surface textures

8. Rough surface textures

9. 3D painting


1. 2D wallpapers

2. 3D wallpapers

3. Customized wallpapers

4. HD wallpapers

Our Products :

Asian Paints

Berger Paints

Nerolac Paints

Dulux Paints

British Paints

Nippon Paints

Indigo Paints

Shalimar Paints

Snowcem Paints






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